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Dumb like a fox Dave-oyou may dislike him for whatever reasons but he didnt smash the Clintong political steamroller by being dumb. As Biden is fond of reminding people he went to law school on an academic scholarship and plenty of demonstrably smart people especially.

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You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.

Exceptional dumb biden quotes Background. According to Biden he has a very high IQ. Im calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot. For Joe Biden with his intention if elected President of defunding the police force proves that he a very stupid man who would be dangerous to the people of the USA.

Bidens compliment didnt sit well with many people for the obvious racist implications and Biden had to issue a statement to clean up the mess he had made. Former Vice President Joe Biden is no stranger to accusations of disgusting behavior. When you say — I dont call people liars.

Reflecting on his experience Biden said Stuttering gave me an insight I dont think I ever would have had into other peoples pain Biden committed himself to tamping down his stutters and by the time hed received his law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1968 they had slowly started to fade away. Since he was talking to HuffPo he had to clarify. Former Vice President Joe Biden was filmed forcing a young girl to touch his crotch during a ceremonial Senate swearing-in session at the Capitol on January 6 2015.

This is not a comprehensive list of Joe Bidens gaffes controversial positions and garbled nonsense because just that last category alone. I had so much fun on this project that Im going to make some more of tha. Biden continued We think how were going to dumb it down.

Rudy Giuliani stated in an interview with the Huffington Post Joe Biden is a moron. Among the most frequently. Thats not who I am.

Is Joe Biden mentally deficient. See more ideas about creepy joe biden political humor joe biden. U-lick-trumps-ass July 30th 2020 at 1018 pm He said hard to believe Jesus Christ that means he doesnt think Trump is that dumb.

Youve got the wrong guy. Bidens voting history has also been called into question. It seems so quaint now to look back on the 2008 and 2012 campaign seasons and remember the concerns people had the worries over what gaffe was going to come out of a presidential running mate and then vice president Joe Bidens mouth.

This sites clearly for retards. The video by C-SPAN shows the startled girl recoiling in shock at what she was forced to feel. Make sure that kids hear words a kid coming from a very poor school or a very poor background will.

Again none of this is to say Biden is necessarily dumb. The Worst of Joe Biden in Quotes 40 Quotes 18 Oct 2020 by John Hawkins. A very quick and easy to make compilation of some of the dumb shit Joe Biden Says.

9 Copy quote When youre appealing to peoples fears and anxieties you can make some gains. I deeply regret any offense my. Check Out My Other Videos.

Daniel Greenfield June 17 2018. One observer describes the act by Biden as a. I say they dont tell the truth You want to hear me say liar so you can put it out and say Joe Biden called someone a liar.

But after he was elected to the Senate in 1972 he said many problematic things that were unrelated to any stutter. They can do anything anybody else can. Senate from Delaware in 1973 has a pattern.

Biden as president would be a disaster for America. That this awful man Joe Biden is actually running for the Office of the President of the United States is unbelievable. I meant hes dumb.

You know back in the era before Biden became a meme. When Biden says something dumb its because hes dumb Thats a matter of opinionbut its impossible to deny that Biden who was elected to the US. Apr 24 2020 – Explore Maoshungs board Creepy Joe Biden followed by 273 people on Pinterest.

As speculations erupt yet again disturbing evidence has just come to light after Bidens former Secret Service agent leaked his sick secret and now his worst nightmare is unfolding. Heres a list of the quotes he asked about. Cabot Phillips from Campus Reform went to Marymount University in Virginia to ask students whether a selection of racially-tinged quotes were uttered by Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

25 2009 If we do everything right if we do it with absolute certainty theres still a 30 chance were going to get it wrong. Its like everybody wants everybody to call someone a liar. Joe Biden speaking to an aide standing out of view during an interview on CBS Early Show in the midst of encouraging viewers to visit a government-run Web site that tracks stimulus spending Feb.

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